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Real Estate agents can charge 3,6% for their service from the buyer, even without your completion of buying.
Therefore: If you sign any offer at a real estate agent or seller, please include the words:
“vorbehaltlich Finanzierungszusage”! (subject to funding approval)
This gives you a secured time (without fees to be paid to the real estate broker) to apply for a mortgage.
Building companies often do not except that line, they just want you to say “Yes” – once you got the financing done. Yet – do not sign the order form without a secured finance!

This is how you calculate roughly for your real estate search:

  • You can use around 35% to 40% of you monthly family income for the monthly repayment of the mortgage.
  • 20 percent down payment of the sales price will be needed for securing the mortgage. (Exceptions for high incomes are possible).

Our service:

We submit your case to all Austrian banks that are relevant for international clients. If possible, please do not submit to any bank yourself, as this prevents us from working for you at this institute. It locks the interest rate offered by each bank branch in their system and we can´t get you a better deal.

About the cost of our service:

The creation of an offer on our part is free of charge and non-binding.
With our professional tender as a major supplier, we significantly increase your chances of getting the most cost-effective offer on the market.
The actual amount of the commission is known before the loan brokerage is carried out and your decision is made.
In addition to brokering the loan, no consulting services are offered or charged.

The decision as to which product variant you use for financing is made exclusively by you as the loan seeker.



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